New Dimensions talk show

I found a wonderful radio talk show called New Dimensions (  -pass it on) a couple of hours before the end of this most emotionally stretching year……

I heard a very familiar voice on the show, thought I recognized it and when the host said her name, I thought yeah I was right. It was Nicki Scully -Alchemical healer that I heard sitting in the audience this past August at the Prophets Conference in Vancouver (which I yearn to visit again).

Another great guest was the author of “God Theory”, Bernard Haisch (astrophysicist). I really enjoyed listening to him recapping from his book. Bernard reminded me a lot of Bruce Lipton both in passion and theme, however Lipton’s approach was at roller coaster speed and I held on for dear life during his live workshop, also the summer of 2006. So close, his eyes pierced through my head haha and his handshake was strong.

A great way to begin this 2007 year, blogging about what interests me. I just got telephones calls from both my kids & I should have just lied and said I was at a party having a great time (well in my mind I was, haha, but they knew I wasn’t).

I have a certain ceremony that I have come to practice to welcome the New year and one of them is to go outside and breathe in some fresh air- and that is what I am going to do right now-

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