Planets & Lenormand

I wasn’t really thinking about the Lenormand cards but I was thinking about Astrology and in which Zodiac house my Jupiter entered.   Being bombarded with Uranus in Pisces…..almost an exact conjunction to my Pisces sun..and the flux of ideas lately I had hoped Jupiter’s position would stabilize some of this energy.   Guess not, I am receiving an exact trine right now from Jupiter to my Mercury.  Pouring of ideas is putting it mildly HA-HA.  My designing and crafting consumes most of my time and I am creating some wild totes/purses/bags etc which I will post later on.

Back to the Lenormand….yes I happen to have glanced at my personal deck which I made sitting on the end table beside my bed and this is what came to me……

  • Men are from Mars, thus Gentleman comes under the ruler-ship of the planet Mars. The Rider card is influenced by Mars as well because of the aggressive energy in the delivery of the news. The Whip uses Mars energy in heated arguments. The Snake card fits Scorpio’s negative characteristics which is co-ruled by Mars.
  • Women come from Venus, thus Lady is under the ruler-ship of Venus. The Garden card also receives energy from Venus because of it’s connection to the arts among other things. The Bouquet card is about loving or liking. The Heart card is one of Venus’ entourage.
  • The Moon card is the Moon. Moon is about feelings/emotions and will also affect the Lily card- harmony & family ties. The House card is about the home and the Moon rules the 4th house of home. I am placing the Mountain card in the Moon entourage because most of our blocks are of an emotional nature.
  • The Sun card is ruled by the Sun. This card is a powerful positive influence and so is the Bear card.
  • Mercury is about communication, the Letter & the Book fall under Mercury’s realm and to some degree the Birds. The Child is about something new, new ideas fall under Mercury’s ruler-ship. After some thought I think that the Mouse card belongs here because of it’s connection to Virgo which is ruled by Mercury. Also the Tree card ruling health issues is a Virgo matter thus rules by Mercury. If it is a serious health issue then Neptune takes over because 12th house (Pisces)deals with long term and Neptune co-rules Pisces.
  • The clouds are influenced by Neptune and the Book because of the hidden (secret) connotation. The Ship card deals with trades of the seas as well as travel.
  • Saturn is the “responsibility teacher” and authority figure, thereby fitting the Tower meanings. I think the Coffin card fits here because it is the ultimate teacher. The Ring card represents commitments of many kinds that require responsibility. Placing the Anchor & Fox cards as work cards -their domain is under Saturn but they can fit under other planets too depends which meanings you have chosen to work with.
  • Jupiter rules the Clover card- no doubt about that. The Fish card represents money -abundance from Jupiter. I would position the Stars card here too-count your lucky stars. The Dog card represents positive loyalty.
  • The Key is associated with Pluto -transformation & power. Knowledge is power and brings change -so does the Stork card. I would also place the Cross card under Pluto’s ruler-ship because transformation comes from negative decisions as well. And speaking of decisions, the Path card can slide under Pluto.
  • Uranus rules the Scythe card with its sudden chop-chop action. The Lenormand Tower card doesn’t fit well under Uranus but the Tarot sure does. The Path card can come suddenly in light of decision making. You know those bizarre decisions for no apparent reason.

Just a different way of looking at the Lenormand cards by involving planetary energies. You can probably come up with something different, and it would not be wrong (nothing is wrong in the unknown) because Lenormand cards are much more flexible than thought.


2 thoughts on “Planets & Lenormand

  1. Hey SeaQueen,

    You have come up with something very interesting. I can’t completely understand it because I know nothing when it is about atrology but you just remind me that there is another oracle called “Oracle Belline”. This oracle is from France, Belline was the man who find it lost between papers and magick manustripts, but the author was Magus Edmond. It is said that he was a student of Mlle. Lenormand and that his oracle is an evolution of Le Petit Jeu.

    Enough rambling, in the Belline Oracle there are planetary signs associated with each card. I thought i will check it out just to see how close it is to lenormand.

    Then there is the Mystical Lenormand wich also uses planetary correlations or maybe sun signs. I’m not sure I’ve still haven’t bought it.

    L & L,


  2. Hi Mat
    Thanks for that info.
    I have the Mystical Lenormand deck and yes there are Astrological glyphs on it. Aaah yes Astrology- the ancient art of divining, it’ll be incorporated into many decks.
    I did a post yesterday on The Oracle of the Sun deck which is astrology based. I found that the images on those cards were sufficient to tune in. Just like the Symbolon deck (another post) the images are magnificent and really there is no need to know anything about Astrology.
    By the way, thanks for your feedback, it makes it all worthwhile when someone else in this world shares a common passion –
    More power to you on your journey. Seaqueen

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