Lenormand Simple Layout

The layout that will be studied is for V. by request (see comments). The information provided is for the purpose of learning and entertainment. My perception of the Lenormand cards is based on experience, feedback & research coupled with that “gut feeling” we all get when we have divining cards before us.

veronique.jpg l1.jpg

Reading to follow………


A solution or confirmation (key) to a problem or important issue (mountain) regarding an older man (lily) or family member had been achieved to some degree. Now you know.


V. has some or lack of information (book) on her mind. This can involve her job (anchor) and even some work that needs to be done. Tying up loose ends.


Within a week or so a decision or choice (road)will be made that will create some loss (mice) around or about a man close to her (gentleman). Who is Mike??


Within a few weeks there will definitely be some sort of closure (coffin) or ending that will more than likely have some public aspect to it (garden). There will be a family member involved (house/King of hearts) and I would not rule out that an actual home or house will be in the spotlight.

OK that was just a brief summary of the cards. Looking a little closer……..at the combinations which I have found take at least a few months to materialize in some capacity.

road/mice= a trip which is more costly than expected, think it over- is it worth it?

mice/gentleman=something eating away or bothering a man close to V., maybe he is just the nervous type (edgy)

gentleman/house= a family man or belonging to the family

coffin/garden= I never did like this combination, a public event because of a completion

book/lady= a woman who knows lots but doesn’t tell all, typical of Scorpio. Lots of mental activity.

mice/house= outlay of money for a repair or renovation

road/coffin= a trip is planned and will occur , the bare end of coffin point to the right. If it was in reverse, then the trip will be cancelled or put off

key/anchor= indicates eventual job security but not without challenges (mountain)

book/mice= balance your bank account first before you ponder any large purchases

lily/lady/gentleman= could be 2 admirers

road/garden= going with a girlfriend to some outing, maybe an arts & crafts show, plus mice= hmmm a casino or place of amusement.

lily/road = a couple

lily/book/road= a couple that holds back on some things (communication)

lily/book/road/coffin= news of a couple breaking up permanently

mountain/lady/mice/garden= even though there were some problems in the past and possible minimization of some situation, the end result is positive in itself – there will be a reason to celebrate (group of people)

key/anchor/gentleman/house= strong indication of a home based business

OF COURSE, not every single meaning will come true. I have been surprised at how much information does.

The test of the complete accuracy of the cards is not now but in the future.

Note: if the deck used by V is not the same as the French Cartomancy deck, a few of the meaning will have to be altered or adjusted.



4 thoughts on “Lenormand Simple Layout

  1. Hi SeaQueen, I see you only do combos with adjacent cards, for instance: cofin + garden.

    I leave this tip for you just in case you want to give it a shot. You can combine cards that are not adjacent as long as they are in the same line, either horizontal or vertical, even diagonal. An example: In the middle horizontal line:

    Mountain + Lady + Mice + Garden.

    Let’s take the last cart (future) as the outcome to the combination, so we now it is a positive outcome. Now I combine Mountain + Mice, going into loss of something won’t let you advance. The reason is in between the cards you have just combined (lady) this card by itself gives us little information, so why don’t we combine it with nother card? Ok, lets see … Lady + Road, the reason would be “the decisions you make”. More combos Lady + Book, there is information you don’t know yet.

    The I would say there is going to be a loss of something and this won’t let you go on. The reason is that there is information that you don’t know yet, so you can’t make an informed decision. This will be sorted out (the garden) but be careful, this is a warning.

    I’m sure you can do it much better than me, this is just to show you that you can combine distant cards and use the cards in between to explain the reasons.

    Love and Light,


  2. You are very insightful Mat and I want to thank you for taking the time by sharing your perceptions. We all learn from each other.
    When I have the full 36 cards in front of me, I do a quick scan of the horizontal & vertical rows as well as the diagonal from the person card (lady or gentleman) to get a “feeling” of where the cards are heading. Some of the posts only target an aspect of the art of blending the meanings.
    I then go ahead and break it down into combos if that is what needs to be done which is not always the case. This is where a person’s gut feeling is important.
    Using your example which is the past/future horizontal line of the Lady.
    Mountain + Lady + Mice + Garden
    I would read the mountain + lady as a female who “had” (past) some intellectual challenges (something was blocking her optimistic outlook). Lady + mouse does indicate loss and can point to a situation in the immediate future that suggests further annoyance or something really “bugging” her. The mouse cards tells me that this Lady lets little things bother her as well.

    The garden card in itself tends to be positive. May she is worried about attending a social function or hates public speaking. The garden card suggest an event coming up (falls in the future).

    If for example the book card is above the Lady and the road (path) card is beneath the lady then what you are saying makes perfect sense. (wink) The garden card traditionally suggests a public function, what type of function is seen in the adjoining cards.

    Just curious, why do you see the garden as a warning?

  3. Hi SeaQueen,
    Oh, no, it was not the Garden, I surely didn’t express myself clearly, haha.

    I mean that .. Although the outcome is positive (The garden), the mice is there too, so the mice is the warning.

  4. hahaha The loop holes of the English language.
    Sure, the mouse cards is loss.
    It is also spending money or taking your sweet time in making a decision. Whatever, “feels” right at the time of interpretation is correct, even if it contradictory to the traditional meaning of the card. Most times, though, tradition does prevail.

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