Fabric Crazy

leo-thebeginning.jpg leo-joiebag.jpgGrrrr

Remember the Leo motif -well here it is in it’s new home, one of many purses featured Jozefa Creations ( the website that is WISP- work in slow progess). What a delightful gift it would make for someone who is a Leo.

The creative bug has bit me hard this time. A renewed passion returns to design & handcraft. A business potential that fell into the ditch of “first finish off your Karmic relationship and then proceed”…. Don’t you just love Mr & Mrs Karma, lol.

All week I have been shopping for exotic fabric and all sorts of embellishments. I probably could open up a store with all the “stuff” I have accumulated. Ideas – boy have I got some good ones (Jupiter in Sagg) so many that I think my brain might just explode- lol.

It’ll be time for a Lenormand reading soon. I haven’t done a 36 layout one in a while now and the cards are beckoning me to give them some attention & energy.