Daily 2 card draw Lenormand.

Shuffle the Lenormand deck thoroughly. Cut in 3 piles to the left with the left (or non dominant hand). Assemble the pile back on 1 pile.

Spread the whole deck to the left in a fan so that you do not see the cards. Ask “what is my guidance for today”.

Pick 1 card and turn it over. Pick card 2 and turn it over. Now you have 2 cards. This is the same as a 1 card daily draw with a contributing influence card which I feel is helpful with the Lenormand style decks. Today I will use the French Cartomancy Lenormand (which is one of my favorites because of the simplicity of it) and I equate this deck to the original Waite -Rider deck(very soft colors).

combbo.jpg#19 TOWER #11 WHIP A couple of doozies.

My first impression straight from my gut when I saw these two cards was an accident or police involvement. Then I proceeded to break the cards down in “meanings”. Your gut feeling will “usually” be right regardless of the cards suggested meanings and interpretation.

TOWER- self-absorption, alone, lonely, isolated, anti-social, withdrawn, someone in authority, being cold,

needing to be alone, a public building, hospital, office, high rise apartment building, gaming institution, the past, older person-parents/grandparents/etc

OK those are a few traditional meanings for the tower card. The card on it’s own tells you enough. The question going through my mind (as always is ) who what where and why. Why self absorbed or anti social? Where is the public building? Who is the older person? What about the past?

WHIP – argument, disagreement, discussion, domestic friction, stress communicating, temper/anger, aggressiveness, quarrels -and so on….a young man, aches and pains, fights, fever

Possible combination meanings of these two cards

-a fight with the in laws

-a young man in trouble

-volcanic emotional eruption

-an arguments within a household

-getting stopped by the police (jack of clubs) or news of this

– domestic disputes

-news of somone’s illness,

-someone could be hospitalized

-discussion about disagreements

-questioned by someone in authority

-police station

-having one of those edgy days

It will be interesting to see at the end of today what exactly these two card did mean. Sometimes they are not as dramatic as it sounds…..I do sense an irritability building up – I do have Mars in Aries- and it is not uncommon for me to have bursts of nervous energy explode quickly.


update: nothing spectacular happened involving police or hospitals. The large building involved(tower) was an entertainment facility. The closest thing to a policeman were the security guards within the building. A heated discussion(whip) did occur with a family member but the emotional eruption(tower+whip) blew over quickly. I did seem somewhat cold(tower), but it is freezing outside (Canadian pre-winter temps) and the building was a little on the cooler side. An older person(tower) did complain of a sore throat(whip). All in all, some basic stuff happened and nothing horrendous happened tonight. As far as I’m concerned the duo Lenormand cards were meant for today …that was my intention when I selected them. I wouldn’t rule out that more cn come to pass…in a day or so.

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