Bouquet, lady, fish

9-bouquet.jpg 9 Bouquet(flowers)/ Queen of Spades

In the Simple layout in the last entry about Lenormand cards I had these 3 cards in the NOW position.

The Queen of Spades is what is on my head, so to speak. An older woman. I have been thinking quite a lot about the fact that my Spiritual sister friend died . I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I will never hear her voice, or laughter again. She was a powerhouse of a woman-

Looking at this card as the bouquet, tradition says that I am in good company and someone likes me(probably the King of Diamonds). I say that bouquet suggests that I am to stop and smell the roses. To appreciate life and give thanks for my blessings.

29-lady.jpg 29 Lady

In the French cartomancy Lenormand deck the lady faces to the right, and in the Gypsy Lenormand that I used for the Simple layout reading she faces to the left. This should be always factored to some degree if there are negative cards around the lady. In this case since I am only reviewing 3 cards it doesn’t matter. We don’t have a card beside her to the left or right for the purpose of this analysis.

34-fish.jpg 34 Fish / King of Diamonds

The Fish is a very positive card. Taken as a fair haired man, several hours after the reading I did talk to a fair haired man on the telephone. Our conversation had a slight financial edge. We discussed how expensive it was these days for entertainment.

The dog card dog-fish.jpgwas beside the fish to the left actually, this confirmed it was a male friend that I would either see or talk to the same day -which is what happened.

Now if you had all 36 cards in front of you -it would be dazzling and the mind could go all over the place until you train yourself to focus on one card at a time to determine the theme. Sometimes the interpretation is just that -simple.

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