Book, Lily, Garden

From the Gypsy Lenormand simple layout reading that I did yesterday the 3 cards in the immediate spot are-

gipsylenormand-immediate.jpg book, lily, garden

This is what happened today (from yesterday’s reading). I attended a function involving my recently deceased friend. An unveiling of her plaque celebration. I had no idea what this entails. There was no funeral, in the sense of going to church with the burial afterwards. I knew I just wanted to be there and always felt safe in a welcoming way. It was at her house (where I had been many times). I saw people that I had briefly encountered over the last 16 years and some more often. I knew her sons and their mates through different functions.

I became all choked up and overwhelmed with emotion when I saw Gerry’s huge picture by the garden -I attended an empowering meditation there in the summer of 2005 with 12 other women that ranged from musician, therapists, artists to her one and only granddaughter(the youngest). The house was open to everyone, and I looked at her photo albums (I had not seen what she looked like as a younger woman before) treasures, artwork etc. To make a long story short- everyone in attendance wrote something to Gerry on a small piece of paper and all these papers were put into the ground, with a burning bush plant on top. The circle around the entire backyard consisted of at least 75 people if not more. Each person threw some dirt either with their hands or with a spoon into the garden with the burning bush plant. There was a poem recited by one of her sons that Gerry wrote and read at the eulogy of her other son’s funeral when he died as a young man.

Knowing in hindsight was occurred and now taking the 3 cards for review this will shed some different light on the interpretation perhaps.

This was my brief summary that I wrote yesterday “A public event or social gathering with a warm atmosphere that is yet to be exposed or revealed. Back side of book faces me, and I face away from the book – much is not known regarding this event or celebration”.

BOOK- #26 can be tied into the photo albums, last notes to Gerry, reading of the poem. Information was shown or revealed to me that I did not know. I had never been in her bedroom and that is where the coats from the guests were kept. One usually doesn’t venture into a private bedroom when visiting. In my layout the book does not face towards me and I do not face the book, I am looking at the past column at the key card- this makes me think that there is more to come -maybe news or other information connected to today’s ceremony. The book is beside the flowers card- there were many flowers today at Gerry’s house. The book is also a secret (I did hear something from one of her sons (she has 2 sons) that I was not aware of)

LILY #30- A card about harmony, family and peaceful surroundings, perhaps an older man (I did meet her ex-husband, there. were several older men there). These suggested meanings are in keeping with what occurred. Even the rain held off. Family for sure and close friends and acquaintances paying their respect. This lady was all about building community-weaving different people lives together.

GARDEN #20 -a gathering of people, the pubic, outside, countryside, art/creativity, openly, expressive. All these suggested meanings apply. We were outside, planted the burning bush in the garden, Gerry’s art was displayed, well known local artist were in attendance as well as musical artist.

This does not mean that when you get these 3 cards that it will happen exactly in the same manner- but it is a good idea to keep in mind the core meanings and intuitively blend the theme of the cards.

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