Simple layout using Gypsy Lenormand.

As a reminder on how to do this simple layout.l1.jpg

Cartes Divinatoires TZIGANES Lenormand (Bruno Bieri)

A very brief interpretation to get the gist of the cards.

PAST – heart, key, dog

An answer or conclusion to some situation came in the recent past from a friend. Information of an emotional nature about a friend was opened up.

NOW- flowers, lady, fish

Someone is thinking about me with regards to a financial matter. Knowing that the bouquet is the queen of spades and that fish is King of Diamonds, I am thinking of an older woman and a fair haired man.

IMMEDIATE- book, lily, garden

A public event or social gathering with a warm atmosphere that is yet to be exposed or revealed. Back side of book faces me, and I face away from the book – much is not known regarding this event or celebration.

SOON- letter, gentleman, owl

A message or telephone call comes from a male close to me that causes me to be excited or stirred up in some way. Looks like a surprise (book+letter)

That reading just skims over the cards but gives enough information for the next few days or weeks.


Follow up on some combinations from September 15th reading using this Simple Layout.


clover+fox=hope for job (a job interview did happen after this reading)

house+snake=family member looking for place to live (path+house) (family member was looking for an apt. and found one 1 week after this reading)

garden+fox=well known company, sly co-workers (not sure about this one yet but it might involve a family member)

clouds+stork=because of King of clubs there will be a change (Oct 7th there was change due to the sudden health set back of a family member)

snake+clover=clever strategy (calling the ambulance)

book+fox= sworn to secrecy (?)

bear+clouds=weakened state of mind(me for sure from all the stress going on)

clover+garden=good news (family member released from hospital)

clover+garden+fox=good news about a job (family member receives a raise)
mice+garden=unpleasant people, people dealing with loss

stork+mice=changes producing loss (lack of sleep is loss)

clouds+stork=short postponement (that could be several situations)



4 thoughts on “Simple layout using Gypsy Lenormand.

  1. i got
    past 10scythe, 8coffin, 34fish
    now 36cross 31sun, 9bouquet
    immediate 19tower 5tree 27letter
    soon 4house 3ship 35anchor
    would you please help me to find the meaning
    Looking forward for a reply

  2. j’aime beaucoup votre site il est très intéressant. Je m’intéresse aux jeux de melle lenormand depuis longtemps je le trouve mystérieux. Il nous apprend à se découvrir soi même. L’important dans la vie ce n’est pas de connaitre l’avenir ou chercher à savoir ce qui se passe chez les autres mais plutôt chez nous et notre moi personnel. Soyons conscient notre destin est entre nos mains.
    Bravo pour votre site.

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