Nile Fortune Cards Layout & Reading

I took a closer look at  this deck and there is some faint gold still left on the edges.  There is a brief instruction leaflet describing the layout that I am about to analyze.

nile.jpgEach number has 3 cards except 17 it has 4 cards.=52

You take the Life Card out of the deck.  After you are done shuffling, you lay them out face up, around the Life Card.


Cards 1-8 around the Life card are the most powerful.  The secondary cards 9-16 are minor influences and each cards influences 2 cards from the inner square.  Card 17 is tied into cards 15 & 16.  For example card 10 ties into card 1 & 2.

On with the reading.

#1-4 diamonds -difficulty in collecting money

#2-7 diamonds- slander or scandal be careful

#3-Ace hearts- feasting and merry making at home

#4-10 clubs- a new appointment or investment

#5- King of hearts-thoughts of a fair man

#6- 9 diamonds-victory over your enemies

#7- 5 spades- your companion in life will be devoted to you

#8 -Jack of hearts- a good male friend & a royal good fellow

Ok the next part-

#9 -5 diamonds (success in love affairs) has something to do with card 1 & 8. A good male friend (Jack hearts) who has difficulty collecting money (4 diamonds) will be successful in love.

#10- Jack of clubs (a dark young man) has something to do with card 1 & 2 which are negative in nature.  The news could be about this young man having money problems and who is on the receiving end of slander.

#11 -2 diamonds (a marriage without the parents approval) has something to do with card 2 & 3.  The feasting depicted by the Ace of hearts could very well be the marriage, and if it is without approval then there would be a scandal or slander.

#12 -King of Clubs (a frank, liberal and good friend) has something to do with card 3 & 4.  This man could be linked to the home (ace of hearts) and it could be him that is getting married (2 diamonds).  Not sure how the new appointment (10 of clubs fits in)

#13 -4 spades- (an old acquaintance re-newed) has something to do with card 4 & 5.  The King of hearts (thoughts of fair man) could be the reconciliation.  Again not sure how 10 clubs (new appointment or investment) fits in.

#14 – 10 spades (news received at night) has something to do with the thoughts of fair man (King of hearts) and victory over your enemies (9 diamonds).  News comes late at night about a fair man.  The King of hearts is staring right at my Life Card- I must know this man and he must be a family member or close friend.

#15 -7 clubs (a small sum of money received) has something to do with card 6 & 7.  A devoted companion and victory over enemies bring me money, LOL.

#16 -Ace clubs (prosperity and wealth) has something to do with card 7 & 8.  I like the sound of that.  A good friend who will be a devoted companion might be well off.

#17 -3 spades (being true to a friend will injure your fortune, be careful)- great!! it was starting to sound good.  This card has something to do with 15 & 16 – the small sum of money received and the prosperity & wealth.

It would be interesting to do this layout again….. this time thinking about a question to see if the cards answer it, which I am sure they will.

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