Marriage question-

I shuffled the Nile Fortune cards and did another layout thinking about a question, will I ever re-marry.

I won’t write all the cards down in this post but I had to laugh at two combinations that came up.

In #7 spot I had the 3 of clubs, right underneath my Life Card and in the inner square.


In spot #16 & #17 I had King of Spades and the 10 of diamonds.


The funny thing is I have only been married once and it is also eerie that spot 1 & 2 beside my Life card says this.


The last layout did say something about a reconciliation. Wow. So I am getting divorced. I haven’t even thought of getting married for the second time, let alone three times as the 3 of clubs states. Cards are so much fun.

I think I will ponder on this some more and perhaps pose the question to the Symbolon deck to clarify.

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