Symbolon- The Deck of Rememberance, Made in Belgium, AGM AGMuller.


Translated by Anthony Haywood, Instruction booklet printed in Switzerland

I’m pretty excited about trying out this Astrology/Tarot/Oracle type deck. I am captivated by the artwork of Peter Orbn, Ingrid Zinnel and Thea Weller – it is breathtaking and reaches right into my psyche. Each card speaks thousands of words to me and is filled with an abundance of symbols thus the appropriate name for the deck – Symbolon. There are no divisions in this deck such as Major or minor arcana and I say that only because the deck contains 78 cards.

I will do a layout to further explore and research the accuracy of these cards ……..

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One thought on “Symbolon- The Deck of Rememberance

  1. I have this deck and i think it is captivating as well. I lost the instruction booklet to it a long time ago and would love to know if there is anyway of getting one, so if you know, or if you could copy it for me, i would be happy to purchase that from you. Thanks, ab

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