Mercury in Scorpio RETRO! Look Out.

And what a combination this will be! Oct 28- Nov 18th.   Not only does Mercury rule communication, technology and travel, in the sign Scorpio any messages will be delivered bluntly with no sugar coating- just plain old razor sharp with an element of sarcasm. Check all your appointment. Dont’ forget to practise safe sex and of course taking your “Pill”.
Sexual forwardness can be expected out of the blue by people you least expect. News about uncovering “sexual” misbehaviour’s. Learn to say no, or at least think things over before you believe everything someone is saying to you in reference to the bedroom department.

Depending where Scorpio is in your chart- that house will be highlighted with the mercury retrograde.

It is never wise to sign any papers during this time. On line businesses suffer the most – back up your data, expects delays in getting paid or receiving products. Not a good idea to start the on line business, wait til the retro passes as there would be confusion with data.

As always we get through these astrological configurations – Some people don’t even notice any changes, depends where you head is at and your personal belief system. All things are as they should be-

If someone tells you to “kiss their jackass” hahaha- and they are usually not that type of person, just remember it’s the mercury retro talking. Holding back on a response might be a challenge- we are all under the human umbrella. Sudden arguments will flare up publicly for no apparent reason.

It is important to ask oneself – is it worth the fight.

If not THEN ZIP IT UP ( lol the retro made me write that)


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