Thought card


Art Deco Wahrsagekarten & Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

These two cards have the same meaning but the images are slightly different.

The Art Deco image has a man sitting behind a desk/table in deep thought. Looks like he is reading a book, maybe studying, maybe reviewing a financial ledger. It’s hard to say. We clearly see a feather on the table as well. A man dressed in a modern suit and tie wouldn’t really be writing with a pen feather (quill). The symbolism of a feather whether the artist wanted to relay that message at the time of the drawing or not is -trust, honor, strength, wisdom, to name a few. The quill suggests writing and learned pursuits.

In the Gipsy image the man is sitting on a bench. He is well dressed and holds a rolled up paper in his right hand. In both these images the suggestion is that he is thinking about what is contained in the letter/book. Has he gotten some news in writing that has put him in this mood? Is it an invitation? Did you notice that there is lots of green grass under his feet- a symbol of continuity.

There are many things that come to mind when looking at either of these cards. Why is he in thought? The cards surrounding the Thought card would provide a clue. The essence of the meaning is to pay attention to something. Think it over. Don’t rush into anything.

In the Art Deco image, he might be writing a list of things to do, people to invite or have writers block. Maybe he works for the newspaper or is an author. Maybe he is researching a situation. In the Gipsy image, the man isn’t as stressed looking. He appears more relaxed. It looks like he knows there is nothing he can do, he is just waiting.

The main point to remember is that it is important to take some time to consider a situation before acting on it.

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