Death #19

artdecodeath.jpg Art decodeath_19.jpg

unknown/looks like piatnik

Both cards have the skeleton coming from the right side of the deck. I say both because the two cards on the right are identical. The card with the #19 is an original non-colored card from the late 1970’s or early 1980’s that my aunt sent me from Slovenia. The card on the right did not have a box so I cannot identify it but it is exactly the same as the piatnik’s card. The languages that appear on the bottom are different though from the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (6 languages), this one has 4. The numbered card has no English other than what I wrote on it.

Is there a significance that the skeleton is looking to the left? One has a scythe and one has an hour glass. The hour glass is full on top indicating that time hasn’t run out yet but maybe is starting to- looks like some sand is passing through to the bottom of the hour glass.

The Deco card shows a mound with a wooden tombstone and an empty plaque on it- awaiting someone’s name. Both cards have a pitch black background. I seriously think that lots of detail was omitted because it doesn’t really matter, death is death. An end is an end.

The way I want to interpret this card, especially the Gipsy card on the right is that “time is running out” and will eventually end. I think these cards are spooky looking but they sure do get the message across. I almost like the “coffin” card better in the Lenormand style cards.

With the death card, it doesn’t appear as there will be a new beginning- in the Deco card the skeleton hold a scythe which severs and cuts off- at least with the coffin card you get the suggestion of reincarnation to some degree or renewal. The Gipsy death card which includes the Deco card because the core cards are the Gipsy cards- can suggest

-fright-death-permanent loss-closure-finalization-ends badly-removal-severance-not enough time-

On the bright side-

-it’s finally over-class is done-no more waiting-keeping to a schedule-plane has landed-orgasm(wink)

the eggs are ready HA-HA had to throw that in.


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