Art Deco Wahrsagekarten- Lord & Physician

I picked 2 card from the deck of 52 self-explanatory Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards. The lord & physician.lordphysician.jpgNo.1946 Piatnik /ViennaLooking at these 2 cards there is a sense of illness/doctor etc. The lord card would probably be a home owner or someone in charge. Looking more closely at the lord card….-we see a well dressed man on the right, symbol of standing in society, on the left side is a servent/messanger or personal aide. The colors in the background are bright yellow/redish orange..optimistic feeling- the servant is waiting for instructions or might be informing the “lord” of his duties for the day.

Looking more closely at the physician card…-we see a person in bed on the left, and a physician sitting on the bed speaking or relaying information. The man of medicine brought his medicine bag/doctor’s bag and it sits on the side table. There is a thermometer or instrument beside the bag, too-the physician looks overdressed to me, but in order to distinguish classes of people/career, some parts of the world a code of dress was the style-the patient may have a fever, there is a white band around his forehead (symbolism). The large window gives me the feeling of choice as there are two panes.

Summary. The obvious is that medical attention might be necessary. Perhaps the servant/or member of a household is informing the “head” of the house that a physician will be coming to visit someone who is apparently ill.It could be something as simple and everyday like….as a call from the doctor’s office confirming a medical appointment or to schedule one.

2 thoughts on “Art Deco Wahrsagekarten- Lord & Physician

  1. Finally! I have looked for information about how to read with this deck! I am eagerly enjoying your blog as Leonormand style is something I am trying to learn. I love this little Art Deco deck, but as yet I haven’t had a lot of success. Will try your approach of really taking notice of details and symbolism in the cards and see what I can come up with.


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