Scythe & Cross a nasty duo

I want to talk about this combination Scythe & Cross a little further. geraldine1.jpg

Two days ago I wrote this interpretation from part of the full Lenormand layout I did for myself. “Right beside me is the scythe- I am facing it. This indicates startling, surprising, unexpected or shocking news couple with the cross card beneath it- much anguish is shown. I tried to look at these 2 cards differently and not take them too literally based on the traditional meanings Madame Lenormand gave them.”

Tonight I connected with the son of an acquaintance of mine whom I have known for 16 years. I sat in circle with this woman and she is an artist & psychic medium. I learned of some startling news that her condition is terminal and that she probably will not survive the year. Now looking back at the scythe & cross and me not wanting to take that combo too literally………that is exactly what happened…the literal meaning. I am learning to have even more respect for these Lenormand card meanings and combo meanings than ever before.

” Diagonally, the lady card is touched by the King of Diamonds and the Cross card- another clue.”

The clue in this diagonal line was the King of Diamonds (the son) and the Cross (the news of something being final -palliative care with the terminal condition)

I cannot stress enough to record or journal about your readings, even if it sounds bizarre at the time you do the cards. I could not possibly pinpoint what the heck this shocking news would be, the cards were so close to me. I thought about close members of the family, especially the one that took ill this past Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Often I don’t write the reading out either, and I got to thinking after analyzing this combination of the scythe & cross about another combination I saw last week that I dismissed – Bouquet & Coffin & Rider.

The bouquet/flowers is the Queen of Spades, an older woman. The coffin is an ending or death when coupled with the rider. Now I know what it is and makes sense. At the time of that layout, it made no sense in the blend of the surrounding cards.

The cards have the answers, you just have to learn to read them.

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