Scythe & Cross a nasty duo

Using the Lenormand cards I did the larger 36 card layout to gain some insight as to what’s going on around me now.

I will review only a few combinations and mainly the present line and the very 1st line of the future.

myoct9.jpgCartomanzia Francese/French Cartomancy (Madame Lenormand)

The two cards above me are mice & stork in the present line indicate a change weighing down on me (news of the illness of family member) coupled with the mice – bothering me bit by bit…a slow process.

The ship/boat card beneath me would suggest that I will be going on a trip or travelling- I do not have any such plans under the circumstances. The suggestion is quite strong because the cross card is next to it. The cross is a decision or finalization among some of it’s meanings.

In the future line, the child & fish can represent something new around the King of diamonds (fair haired male).

Right beside me is the scythe- I am facing it. This indicates startling, surprising, unexpected or shocking news couple with the cross card beneath it- much anguish is shown. I tried to look at these 2 cards differently and not take them too literally based on the traditional meanings Madame Lenormand gave them.

The boat & cross beside each other suggest a necessary decision for a trip. The boat is also water & liquids. The fish is water & liquids. Both these cards point to movement, a flow.

The scythe means that news is coming that can quite possibly shake me up initially. Since the cards above the future line indicate Karmic results of the past and the cards on the future line and below it point to where I have free Will/co-creating the future, then my attitude and how I handle whatever the situation is that is awaiting is contained in the me & scythe, boat & cross cards. What should be focused on is mice&stork, child & fish.

When I saw stork & child diagonally -I couldn’t help but think of pregnancy- well I know it is not me, lol.

When I saw mice&stork- I thought of-possibly a daughter card or mother. If I take only the court card meanings I get a young dark haired man (child) a fair haired young man (scythe) fair haired man (fish) and a nurturing woman (stork). The only non court cards are mice, me (lady), boat and cross- Here lies the clue.

Diagonally, the lady card is touched by the King of Diamonds and the Cross card- another clue.

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