Don’t wait until it is too late!

qofswords.jpg What is it I should know about a family member’s health condition?

I did the Celtic cross for this question. In the 8th spot (other, environment or about the person or situation you are asking) I was greeted by the Queen of Swords.

I know what this card means through personal experience, the traditional meaning attached to it and other people’s feedback meanings. I have always said the Queen brings the sword of sadness to any situation. A slice – a severance. Another way to look at this card (and you should always look at a card on every possible level) is a strong Will. Because it lies in the 8 spot- the person in question is represented by having this determination. Traditionally it is a card of widowhood, or without a partner. Now it can also represent the way I am looking at that situation, because I am asking the question- the suggestion is emotional strangulation -inability to feel because of the depth of pain associated with the family member involved.

The out come card is the 9 of swords. These two cards give plenty of indication as to the pending results.

The outcome 9 of Swords

Intense anxiety awaits. The person depicted in the card is experiencing inconsolable unhappiness. There is a sad, depressing feeling coming from this card. The probable answer is not favorable, and I say probable because no one really knows the future but God/universal powers/etc.

It’s association is with insomnia too- and premonitions come through dreams that can cause insomnia. In my case
this is true because I described a dream to my daughter and the context of the dream is happening right now to a certain extent but the people involved are different ( but still close to me).

Unfounded worries disturbs your ability to have a clear perception of any situation- it is an illusion. What is really going on? A difficult decision maybe? A state of shock? the other cards in the celtic cross were stronger cards in a positive way. The High Priestess is in the layout- telling me I have to follow my intuition and gut feelings and ask her for guidance. The entire situation has not been revealed, there is more to come and even though the 10 of cups is in the immediate future spot- suggesting a temporary happy “family” situation -you have to remember that is only “immediate”. I hate to be so pessimistic and “Cassandra-like” but the 9 of swords is hitting me right between the eyes as the last card.

The 9 of swords can represent another female that is suffering ( the spouse of the person I am asking about) as there are 2 Queens in the layout.

More on this situation as it unfolds.

Below are 2 quotes from 2 readings I did for close family members- it is eerie once again, the accuracy of the Lenormand cards I used which ties into what is happening. I always use my personal Tarot deck(which is 35 years old and has been used to do thousands of readings) when I need guidance.

In my son’s cards-SEPT 20/06-It looks like you will also receive a startling or shocking phone call- it concerns the fact that someone is in the hospital, either through an accident or health problem. The cards around this in your layout point to an older man, that may be a family connection. At first I thought, about your father-because it is a “father” card but it can signify a well known male. (17 days after this prediction)

In my daughter’s cards-SEPT 21/06-A message is awaiting you from a loved one(someone important to you) or even a blood relative. Something about a “hospital & doctors”is being talked about. These cards indicate the news is around a man. Not sure when or if this will materialize- looks like within a few weeks. (16 days after this prediction)

Both of the above readings had the Scythe & Coffin cards involved.

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