Risk- Saturn in Aries

risk.jpgOracle of the Radiant Sun

I picked one card out of the huge deck of 84 astrology cards, as a guidance for today. I find the Smith/Astrop deck quite fascinating in accuracy. Having a good understanding of Astrology is helpful when using this method of divination.

How appropriate-the advice of the card is to use more humour today and not to take things or myself too serious. I woke up like that, thinking about the things I should do today in lieu of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. My daughter was a Thanksgiving baby although she is far from being a baby now, lol-a beautiful young woman (Libra, ruled by Venus).

Measured risk- hmm, I’ve heard that before. To me that means calculated and predetermined risk. When you calculate anything you basically work within limits. Sounds like too much of a restriction to me. (Transitting Uranus is in Pisces and I am a Pisces) .

I did cancel a get together with someone today prior to even drawing the card because I thought I would be rushed. As I look back on my decision- it was probably just what I should have not done. That situation would have provided the humour that is depicted by the card.

Aries stands for courage and initiation. Saturn rules limitations but also discipline. When these two are together, I think of internal and external issues- a tug of war between “shoulds” and “should nots”. In my birth chart, my Mars is in Aries. The difference between Saturn and Mars is that Saturn will always think before acting, and Mars will burst out in action and then think about it. Between the two, Mars in Aries is more of a risk taker and more of a pioneer.

If you look back in history, if measured risks where taken, then we would have had a great delay in the following inventions such as telephone, airplanes, electricity, vehicles to mention a few.

OK, back to the card, the guidance for me personally is to think before acting.

As I write this, I can feel the surge of energy (Mars in Aries) building up to carry me through the day. I need to tap into the Saturn energy- sometimes in life, external circumstances slow us down whether we like it or not. I anticipate delays, and waiting lines in the Deli/Bake shop-that will slow the Mars down for sure. LOL

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