The Book #26

A book is a source of information and knowledge.French Cartomancy LenormandThe book can contain unknown data until it is revealed (read). The information inside the book is also an explanation. You can only open the book one way- the card facing the side of the book will be the card that contains more description of the nature of the meaning. Some Lenormand decks have an open book on a table or pedestal. In essence, you still need to read what is inside those pages. When you already know what’s in the book- mum’s the word in some cases. I think that most people do not tell what is really on their mind for whatever reason.People learn from books as well, school/study is another meanings of the book card. When beside the child card #13 it does suggest a kid in school.Law books contain the template of societal boundaries of right and wrong. When next to the tower card #19 the indication can be a legal case or court house. And it can also mean library or university/college.A dictionary, the bible, cookbook, diary……many meaning to think about.Another thing to keep in mind is that known data is also contained within the pages of the book and sometimes it is not to be shared. Confidential information that is private, a secret. Divulging this data can be triggered by the snake and fox cards, as they tend to have an undermining characteristic.Each and every card of the Lenormand type decks is an island unto itself, first and foremost, core meanings. Now lots of the cards are influenced by their adjoining connections. The deck is divided into positive, negative and neutral cards- I will write about categorizing those in another post.Here’s another way to look at the combinations of the book card. We all know the traditional and common but let’s look differently on these Lenormand cards. Keep in mind the past, present and future tense.



1rider-a court order2clover-lottery ticket3ship-a passport4house-no- tell motel (haha)5tree-multiple personality6clouds-gossip about male7snake-female psychiatrist8coffin-never ending situation9flowers-romance novel10 scythe-parking ticket11whips-character assassination12birds- lawyers13child-children’s books14fox-job offer in writing15bear-secret engagement16-esoteric fields17stork-hidden pregnancy18dog-obedience school19tower-bookstore20park-a museum21mountain-road block22path- spilling the beans23mice- autobiography24heart-on line dating25ring- marriage contract27letter-spam28gentleman-blind date29lady-story teller30lily- hidden sexual desires31sun- weather forecast32moon-trance work33key-a weblog34fish- alcoholic35anchor-a warranty36cross-death certificate

2 thoughts on “The Book #26

  1. Good point, didn’t think about it in that way when I wrote the post. The 4’s in cartomancy do represent squarish things, as well as holding things in (conserving energy as in th Tarot 4 of swords) -a book holds information, secret or explanation.
    I think that the Lenormand cards are fantastic because they are not systematic like most decks of divining cards.

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