The Sun

mosiacsun.jpgby Jozefa Creations
Actually the image of the sun you see (which doesn’t do it justice at all), is part of the material I have for the soon-to-be drawstring bag for one of my Lenormand decks, probably the Wahrsagekarten Cartomancy Deck (Jeu du destin). No. 194115.

I have some wonderful material I picked up in Vancouver (that craft store where I thought I died and went to heaven, lol- Dressew on West Hastings Street)as well for the purpose of these handcrafted specialty bags. A few years back, I gave lots of people several drawstring bags that I created, with exotic material & beading. Even though 1 bag took me over 2 hours to make I thoroughly enjoyed doing that. I displayed about 12 of my finest drawstring bags at the Entrepreneurship for women presentation in the fall of 2002. The business that almost got off the ground, however due to a personal tragedy……it was put on hold. Actually I miss some of those bags, I should have taken a picture of them, especially the Egyptian themed ones. My passion has returned.

The zodiac bags are my next project, some hand beading, all the signs on some wonderful astrology material which cannot be purchased anymore. Believe me I checked. These drawstring bags will be smaller, great for crystals, gems and all those treasures you want to protect.

Ok, how off topic was that, LOL…….but related.

Approximately 8:37 p.m. EDT Ask my Cards weblog had 5,000 hits.

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