Jealousy #23


Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards Wahrsagekarten and Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten -b/w and color.

Notice that Jealousy has the #23 which is the Mouse card in the Lenomand style decks. Knowing that one of the meanings of the mouse means eating away at something, it makes sense because jealousy also eats away at your heart.

What does it mean to experience jealousy, gelosia, lubomornost, eifersucht, feltekenyseg, jalousie, celos?

First of all, it is an emotion (a negative feeling). A jealous person is in a state of fear, insecurity, suspicion, envy and coveting something or someone. ” Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours wife”-sound familiar, one of the 10 Commandments. The images in these cards depict exactly that. The man is in the window or behind the bushes looking at a loving couple.

Jealousy erodes your well being, and is a venom going throughout your body. The person that is jealous is not of pure heart. This card can either mean you are jealous if it is right beside your card or the person that it is beside is jealous of you.

decotrio.jpgPiatnik No, 1946 Art Deco, 52 cards

In the Deco trio we can see that there is jealousy between 2 lovers, a husband and wife, and pushing the envelop a little further between 2 same sex partners, we do not know who the man is looking at from the window. Is it the man or woman (couple smooching).

Notice that the female lover is looking away from the Jealousy card but the male lover is looking right at it. This combination suggests the male has jealousy issues. The fact that the female is looking away could also mean that she is rejecting him.

ziggytrio.jpgThis deck’s images are identical to the No.1901 Zigeuer Wahrsagekarten.

Here we have the same scenerio, however the female and male lovers both lean towards the jealousy card . It looks like the female more so than the male. When analyzing any card combinations, it is important to factor directions (to the left or to the right) because there is additional information you can share with yourself or with the person you are reading the cards for. Always handle the topic of jealousy delicately, this type of emotion is usually denied by the one who is jealous. It is negative, and sometimes people don’t have a true image of themselves. We need emotions, they fuel us. Negative emotions are different kind of fuel- that can be destructive.

There is another clue in the image of the center card. The man in the bushes is closer to the female lover card. Where as in the Deco trio, the man in the window is closer to the male lover card. If you look real close at the male lover, his attire is indicates that he is wearing two types of jackets. The right side is more decorated, fur collar and cuffs. This means that he could be a smooth talker full of grandiose. Maybe it is a protective mechanism to hide his yearning heart, after all he is the lover/significant other.

The Art Deco lover is dressed to go out on the town, not forgetting the bouquet of flowers to impress the female. But first he has to overcome his jealousy because she is not interested, she is looking away. Actually she is being amused by a couple of birds –

Just with these three cards there is lots to consider and carefully study. I’m sure you can think of some other meanings as well.

Imagine having all 52 Art Deco Wahrsagekarten on the table in front of you. Yikes! Your knowledge of the cards better be razor sharp and your deductive reasoning set to warp speed, ha-ha. You will have to go past the psychic realms and go right to the Source for guidance.

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