Odd looking Tarot deck

Another wonderful deck to add to my collections. The Tarock Playing cards appear to be vintage and I am trying to date them. The deck arrived from Doscalfees Fine Quality Cufflinks e-store (Oregon).

I will definitely do a layout with these once I figure out the layout. These cards can be used to play a game and are not just for divination. The Major Arcana is double sided with non-Tarot related themes, they certainly remind me of earliest Lenormand deck of 52. Identical to the French Tarock from 1890 made by ASS Germany.


Western Playing Cards Co. (NY & WIS)

Juguemos a tarjetas.  Jouons aux cartes.  Lassen Sie uns Karten spielen.  カードをしよう


4 thoughts on “Odd looking Tarot deck

  1. I found the same deck of cards, from the same manufacturer, in my father’s things when he passed away. He has a typed page, with some sort of instructions which make no sense to me. I have also wondered about these cards.

  2. I just found a deck at a retail shop that is marked ASS on the ace of hearts. I feel a really strong attraction to them and would love to learn to read on them. Have not been able to find much info on these cards except for playing games especially a game called Cego.

    • I forgot to add that is a 54 card deck playing deck that looks like the photo posted by above. The deck is in a plain box that has a example playing card attached to the top. I paid .50 cents for them so they feel more like a gift than a purchase.

    • Hi Stacy: Thanks for your comment. I think this type of deck was meant only to play games. I would suggest looking at the imagery and jotting down a few of your meanings. I use this method at times because cards can be designated intuitive meanings by the person who owns them. Madame Seaqueen

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