Mice & Garden

When the mice and garden cards are side by side, this could represent a casino.

The garden is a public place and the mice represent loss of money.

Add the ship card, and you have a casino boat…..who’s to say that it can’t be-

Or it can actually forewarn farmers that their crop is being attacked….eaten away.

Nov 18, 2006- mouse & garden= funeral, wake, gathering of people because of loss/death.

5 thoughts on “Mice & Garden

  1. There is also a school of thought that the Mice are taking away what the “main mouse” faces and bringing in what is behind him. So the Mice facing the Garden could also be something happening that prevents the querent from going out, and you would look at the card behind the Mice to see the nature of what came up. At least that’s the way we’ve been doing it – but I’m getting some fresh angles over here! Great blog.

  2. Wonderful viewpoint – it makes absolutely good sense. Glad you like the blog, I try to see the Lenormand cards from many angles once the core meanings are understood.
    When you say “the way we’ve been doing it” – do you belong to a specific school of thought? I’ve noticed that different European countries have their own “slant” on the combination meanings of Lenormand, I think I mentioned this in another post.

  3. I’ve been in an online group with a some from Belgium for some time now, that’s the “we” I was thinking of when I wrote that, lol. I had to learn online, there were no books in english as all when I started. It seems to be all over Europe, and Brazil as well, and I’ve talked to a lot of people, but I imagine my reading style must have picked up a Dutch/Belgian inflection.

  4. Pardon the typo, that should have been “some friends from Belgium”. I was changing it from “a group”, which sounded too impersonal, we’ve been through some things together. Then the phone rang and Murphy took over the keyboard. He does that sometimes, sigh.

  5. Love it when a pet tries to type, lol. The Lenormand and Gipsy cards (I think) take cartomancy on another level that cannot be achieved by Tarot- definitely more mystique.

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