29 Lady/Sweetheart


#29 Lenormand, #29 Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

These 2 significator cards for a female are the same in number sequence. Coincidence, perhaps? Both of these cards represent the female seeking the reading.

In a male’s reading, they signify the lover, wife, special lady or current love interest. It seems they are both in waiting or awaiting. When #29 is analyzed in a layout, her surrounding cards must be carefully studied in combinations. It will give you a good idea what is on her mind or your mind.

The card above #29 is what is weighing on you, underneath cards what circumstances are current, the cards to the left represent the past and cards to the right the future.

I attempted 3 different layouts and each time my card (lady #29) was on the bottom row, the very last card. I could not read any future events. I was surprised that all 3 layouts turned out like this. It is not a good idea to lay the cards out more than 3x in one day- old gipsy superstition.

In fact twice is ample. This attempt told me that I need to focus on recent past issues and resolve them as they are holding me back. To some degree this is true. Each time I had the same question in my mind that I needed guidance on. It looks like the outcome is out of my hands and that I do not have much control of it. The influences depicted by those cards are on their way.

The other thing is that a huge change will unfold based on past decisions and choices. The fact that I had no cards in the future tells me…..on the day I attempted these 3 layouts. I was not to know.

Interpreting 36 cards is a painstaking process that cannot be rushed. When first learning the meanings and trying to put it all together, much study is needed to understand how the cards blend in together. The process can be compared to reading a sentence, one word at a time.

When the lady faces away from a card beside her, she is not wanting to deal with whatever that card means, she is turning her back on it.  This is not always negative.  Also keep in mind the diagonal lines. Some systems say that the cards laying on the diagonal lines from the lady (an X) provide a summary or theme of the past and future based on free Will and karma.

I’m not positive about the karma, it is more like for every action there is a reaction- a Hermetic principle.  Karma is not just on a soul level, it goes on all the time.  If you decide something today- then the outcome can be tied into karma – the consequences or result of that decision.

Read the Lenormand cards in a way that won’t be a struggle for you. Trust your own process.


3 thoughts on “29 Lady/Sweetheart

  1. Hi ! First of all I would like to congratulate you on having a new good-looking site. It’s a great one.

    A significator card in the place of the future is a very interesting thing. I think it can mean that nothing is decided in your future or maybe you keep your hand on the future .You can influence it.
    It also can mean that the woman who has put a question is the key to the situation …


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