Coffin, Lily, Fish





This man is facing a complete change imminently. The end(coffin) of a phase or certain lifestyle is approaching. These cards could be describing a personal situation or a work situation (lily) and it will affect his finances (fish).

The 3 cards lie beneath him in the vertical line representing the now or present. The man has some control over the results because of past decisions. If these cards were above him in the vertical line, then the circumstances are external situations out of his control which basically he just has to go through.

The coffin suggests a new beginning as well. When the old structures in our lives die- it makes room for the new. Another way to look at the coffin as well when touching your card, a part of you dies inside- that is no longer needed and is replaced with perhaps a new attitude.

If we look at the lily and fish as Kings- then the man of the reading might hear news of a death, and lily+fish can represent a professional person like a doctor-and lily can suggest a father.

Some Lenormand (French & German)practitioners say that lily + coffin=warning of the venereal diseases. Lily is a card that can represent sexual, but I think that different nationalities are geared toward certain themes. Let me give you an example, in Italy there would be thousands of different ways to describe love, the Eskimos have hundreds of ways to say snow, Western society has thousands of ways to say money, certain European countries have a lot of swear words that involve animals etc. The coffin is an ending and lily is sexually related- it can also mean the cessation of a physical/intimate relationship. There need to be other cards that point to illness beside the coffin card, such as tree. One needs to take meanings in context of today’s society and not the 1800s.
Cartes Divinatoires Tziganes Lenormand- Divinatory cards Gypsy Lenormand.

Karten Divinatoires Zigeuner Lenormand

Gitano Lenormand de Divinatory de las tarjetas

Gypsy Lenormand di Divinatory delle schede

카드 점 집시 Lenormand

Cigano Lenormand de Divinatory dos cartõe

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