Rider+ Tree+ Cloud

minorhealthissue.jpgLenormand ASS cards

29 lady, 1 rider

5 tree, 6 clouds

These four cards are part of yesterday’s reading.  As always I have my handwritten notes.  I was not too thrilled when I saw these cards because when the Cloud card is near the Tree card-there is always some minor health issue.

The Rider would be the messenger, and being it was right beside my card Lady, and above the Cloud- the message would involve some setback, unfavorable news but not life threatening (the other cards in the layout did not suggest anything serious).  The layout is also recorded in my handbook.

Now – this is how you learn, after the prediction is made you should go back to the cards and look at them to understand better.

I did receive a telephone call early in the morning from the doctor’s office regarding a test I went for right after I got back from Vancouver, BC.  Actually I had to reschedule it when I was in the West coast because it was the same day I was on the plane heading back East.

The results of the test need to be discussed (of course) by appointment.  I don’t sense anything major as the card did not indicate that…..however, I do not live my life according to the throw of a few cards (I do keep it in mind, though).

What I am thinking is that the very first row beside(to the right) of your card (lady or man) is within 1-2 days.  Timing of the Lenormand type cards are no more than 3 months if that.

Another interesting point is that in this particular deck, the horse is facing my card and right beside it and looking to the left (from the past)- immediate news.  If the horse was facing to the right and beside my card, I would have read that as news approaching soon and not necessarily linked to the past.

Intuitively I chose that deck-to read and not the many other ones I have.  The subconscious needed that deck to relay the message- When you are drawn to a certain deck at certain times…….it is important to follow your gut feeling.

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