FOX #14, 9 of Clubs

The fox card is another one of those cards like the snake-to be aware of. If you use all 36 cards the fox will always show

up somewhere. What has to be kept in mind is that fox brings attention to a card(s).
Mlle Lenormand No 194115. Wahrsagekarten Cartomancy Deck. Jeu du destin.
The fox #14

Fox is strong energy, think twice.

There are well known negative keywords describing the fox’s presence. Lies/liar, plotting, sly, cunning, deceitful, sneak attack, stalking, malicious.
The fox’s influence is not long term, as in the life of a real fox-a shorter life span. If you are involved in a situation whereby you are trying to deceive someone -you will not get away with anything, you are being watched.

When you feel uncertain or insecure in a relationship-the fox will sense it and wait for your weakest moment and then attack the situation….fully prepared.

When the fox describes a person it means they are overprotective and family oriented, especially if the child or house card is right bedside it. Hence the meaning that #14 can be a card depicting job/work, skillful.
Being clever is good- but being clever to outsmart someone for personal gain is negative.

If you are in a situation that you need to get out of- try not to call attention to yourself. Being discreet comes to mind.

+anchor=a job involving great amount of concentration


+fish=stock broker

+dog= unfaithful friend

+stork=change of job

+birds= a couple of kids

+book= a teacher

The answer is No. The answer is Wrong.

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