Ciganske karte = Gipsy cards


10 Judge + 13 Marriage.

These two Ziguener Wahrsagenkarten combined indicate a break up, leading to divorce.The Judge card #10 is a professional person-not necessarily a judge of court. Can be a policeman if the Enemy card is close by. The judge announces official matters.


28 Journey + 34 House

These two in combination suggest a change of residence.#34 is the house depicted where you live, an apartment, a house, a cottage, a condo, trailer etc. Similar in meaning to the Lenormand’s house card King of Cups. The house card can indicate a retreat.


20 Man of Cloth + 10 Judge

Whenever these two cards come together, it will indicate someone in the medical profession such as a doctor, surgeon and dentist.#20 is typically a priest as the image shows. It can represent spiritual matters as well, guardian angel. Priest protects. A card of organized, unchallenged beliefs.

15 thoughts on “Ciganske karte = Gipsy cards

  1. can you please tell me where i can buy a book on all these meaning , or do you have a website where i can learn how to read these gypsy cards?

  2. Hi Sladana,
    There will be an online booklet available at http:/…? site with the Gipsy card combinations sometime in July 08, so keep checking there.

    There is a site and They are Hungarian sites but be easily translated using interTran translator.
    Your name suggests to me that you might be of former Yugoslavian decent, there is great link for a Slovenian site that has much information.

  3. Hi Sladana,
    Sorry the website is experiencing technical setbacks …. still working on it.
    There is a very helpful handbook that I have written for the beginner -if you are interested please contact me.
    If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.
    Madame Seaqueen.

  4. Dear Madam Seaqueen
    Iam interested in your handbook for the beginners please let me know where I can purches the book and how much.
    Best regards

  5. Dear Avly, Emina and Branka,

    Thanks for all the comments. The handbook will available in a few months, hopefully early 2009. I will self publish. There is a custom designed deck of ‘gypsy themed cards’ which can be purchased separately as well.

    I will make an announcement with more information how to obtain the book. My other website will provide more details about the handbook and the accompanying ‘optional’ cards which were designed especially for me by a talented artist whose Hungarian background is in keeping with the history of the gypsy cards.

    Thanks for your patience. Madame Seaqueen.

  6. I’d like to add some of your card meanings to my software. Please contact me by mail, I’d love to hear from you.
    Thanks, and best regards,

    • Hello Gordana: Thanks for all your questions. Sorry, I don’t offer advice without cards.

      Sometimes I use questions from the comments section to illustrate a deck of cards using their question.

      Do you have a blog or website?

      I would gladly answer 1 question if you send me 3 cards to interpret. I cannot guarantee when I would get it done because I have other time consuming projects I am working on.

      Madame Jozefa

  7. hello M.Seaqueen,
    I would like to know if the meaning for Judge card is the same in combinations with these cards if the position is different?
    10 Judge + 13 Marriage= 13 Marriage+10 Judge ?
    28 Journey + 34 House= 34 House+28 Journey ?
    20 Priest + 10 Judge= 10 Judge+20 Priest ?
    I found a little difficult to understand the flow of action with these cards which seems different as Lenormard cards.
    Thank you for you time to answer my question
    best regards,

    • Hi Kali,
      Thank you for your comment. I like your question & I think it would make a good topic for an upcoming post. I’ll make a point to write an explanation for you first before my other posts. (within a week or shortly after that) Have a great “Christmas” season. Hugs. Madame Seaqueen

      • hello Jozefa, can I please ask where can I buy combinations meaning for gipsy cards. thank you

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