SNAKE #7 Queen of Clubs


As a woman she is older, a relative, a daughter, a girlfriend. The snake card can also suggest that another female is after your man. It can describe your significant other as being a snake in the grass.
In a man’s layout she can be a femme fatale, seductress, sexual magnet, sister-in-law, co-worker, even the bosses wife.

The snake has a negative stigma to it. In some societies though, it is respected. Can suggest wisdom, kundalini (sexual energy), intelligence, cleverness, “smart ass”, deception, sexual treason (affair), back stabbing, undermining, corrupt, seething, venom-tongued, evasive, sneaky, suspicion, jealousy, renewal(on a spiritual level-shedding you old skin)

A snake never attacks unless it senses it is endangered. Without limbs it relies on smell, and sensing energy of another being or creature. A snake won’t back down once it is provoked -and usually will strike to kill. It won’t attack you to scare you, it’s looking to take you out- natural instinct.

When the snake card shows up near your card, (28 or 29) take a good look at what is around her. You will be directed affected by her appearance. Assuming that #7 does not represent a woman, then you need to focus on what is in imminent danger. Is it a romantic or work situation?

Where you thinking about your boyfriend, husband or lover….even male friend. Yes, there is a third person involved, to what degree will be expanded by the joining cards. Several months ago I did a reading for a young lady, and her combination included the snake + heart + gentleman. I sensed there was another woman involved that would be detrimental to her current relationship of that time. There were other cards that re-enforced the potential problem coming up. Unfortunately, that part of the reading materialized for the young lady….her husband did leave her for another woman.

You have to be really careful when predicting such things, and I relayed the information in a delicate way-not exactly to the point of saying your husband will leave you but the fact that there is a female involved & that was creating difficulties. When a female seeker of cards is not aware her man is seeing someone else, it could shatter her being told that because if she is in a fragile state to begin with not knowing why she is having “relationship” problems, being blunt about it is not helping her. There are ways to handle such combinations, and besides … could have neglected to look further into the reading to see if there is a resolution or reconciliation.

Now on the other hand, if you seeker of cards is a male, the snake card can forewarn of a charming female coming into his life -maybe she is jealous the male has a steady relationship and want to break them up. People do strange things when they feel unloved and lack self-confidence.

Always keeping in mind the surrounding cards -look for a theme, work/love/money. The snake card influences only cards she touches. I have seen this card around the heart #24 lots of times- and it does represent suspicion as well- you suspect because you don’t trust.

I try and look at the snake card in a positive light but to tell you the truth I cringe when it falls beside my card. More times than not, it represents my daughter and often it reflects my intellectul capacity in some upcoming situation.

In romantic questions here are some suggestions.

+ring= two timing, breach of commitment
+heart= threesome, a triangle

+whip=heated jealousy with arguments

+tower=very tall woman

+tree= affair

+stars= a course or workshop in a spiritual field, healing touch/astrology

+coffin= death of an older woman or relative. But you need other cards to confirm this such as the cross, scythe, mountain. Your enemy vanishes.

+rider= watch what you say to others, your secret will be told.

+anchor= a new boss lady

+fox= overprotective relative

2 thoughts on “SNAKE #7 Queen of Clubs

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  2. Snake+fox could also be renewal at work.? I mean you are at the same work, but with favorable changes ?

    I like your blog. Excuse my terrible English. I´m Spanish

    Thank you,


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