Birds & Scythe =computer problems

maclogoff.jpgFrench Cartomancy deck-

#12 the birds suggest worries, stress or some form challenge in communication. Why not a computer. Computers did not exist in Madame Lenormand’s time but they do now. Most of us communicate through emails, blogs, website etc.

#10 the scythe is a sudden cutting off and abrupt termination.

These two cards can indicate the logging off problem of some of the Macs out there and after some research, there are many people experiencing this issue, not just me.

The sudden breach of communication -if the computer shuts down while you are in the middle of keyboarding, investigating or working-the breach has occurred.

* And if you don’t own a mac -you will still get some information that will put a sudden stop to further communication. Your hard drive could crash *

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