#24 Heart, Jack of hearts.

I find myself always looking to see where the Heart card is in distance to my card and if there are positive cards around it. I sometimes am given information about a pending romantic/emotional situation a few days or weeks prior to the actual event taking place.

#24 does represent a lover, if that’s what you have, a man/woman who is romantically interested in you or someone that you would like to get to know in that capacity.

When looking for answers about potential romance- this is the card to keep an eye on. You can find out much information that can help you in the not too distant future. A few months ago I had the Child card beside the Heart- I interpreted that as a new romantic possibility or the beginning of a relationship. I did not take it too seriously because I certainly was not wishing for such.

Those two cards can also mean an actual child- a son in a romantic situation. I still think that the multi-levels of each card was never truly revealed by Madame Lenormand, it would take the mystery out of how she did them. There is some secrets a fortune teller never reveals (wink). I read somewhere on-line that sometimes it took her most of the day to interpret a layout. You can find many German sites dedicated to the Lenormand cards, and they are easily translated.

The Heart card is about love, the love of a person, job, money, health, pets, home, etc.

It reminds me of the Ace of Cups in the Tarot.

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