Moon & Heart

3224.jpgNo.194115 Mlle Lenormand Jeu du destin cards. Piatnik.

The Moon#32 and Heart #24 together can also mean return of an ex-lover.

One of the meanings of the moon is the past/memories and the heart card represents the emotional/love department.

The cards touching these two will tell you the nature of this connection.  For example, if the Lily card is near #24- a potential repeated sexual encounter would be indicated.  The opportunity would be there but of course, you don’t have to experience that if you don’t want to- the cards can’t make you do anything.  However, the fact that you have attracted this person or the type of energy you shared with this person once upon a time-is really what you should be addressing.

Were you thinking of him/her in some capacity?  You might get involved in some wild (lol) escapades with this person as the moon brings out “craziness” of “desires”.

One thought on “Moon & Heart

  1. Hi Madame SeaQueen!

    I know this post is old, but THANK YOU for creating it many moons ago!!!

    I did a 5 card line asking “will my ex be reconciling with me?” I read the first 2 cards and center as past and second half of the line as future.
    I got moon- letter-heart as the middle three, with fish and tree flanking, respectively. I have been scouring my book and the Internet trying to tie meanings of the cards together! The Moon throws me off almost every time I read lennies! I know fish and moon can be gush of impulsive emotions shared (leading to breakup). But I wasn’t connecting. I think the answer is YES…connection gets deeper. At least I hope so! Thank you for having a great blog I often visit for wonderful advice!

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