Mlle Lenormand No. 194115

Using the Jeu du destin Lenormand cards made by Piatnik, a few combinations to look at with possible interpretations. The cards involved are negative in basic nature.

cross-letter-coffin-scythe.jpg #36 cross, #27 letter, #8 coffin, #10 scythe.

The coffin and cross signify a painful ending with no chance of renewal because the scythe is beside the coffin. If #10 was not beside #8 and a positive card was there then the meaning would have been altered as the coffin doesn’t mean -end of something but a new beginning as well.

These 4 cards are part of someone’s reading, and stand alone in the layout. They are the last 4 cards in the bottom right hand corner of a 36 card layout (9 cards x 4 rows).

The scythe and coffin warn of a sudden, abrupt ending. There is a very good chance that #27-the letter is the reason. The letter is news that will be received in written form and not word of mouth. If it was in person, then #1 the Rider would have to be in the spot of the Letter.

Notice that the blade of the scythe and the front of the coffin face each other, any chance of renewal is immediately stopped by that sword. (If these 2 cards were reverse positions, then the meaning changes slightly.


There would be some hope of recovering what these cards pertain to. I don’t think I would mention a death or funeral but I would state that a very serious condition or state is pending. The letter and coffin says even though it looks real bad, “it” is not as bad or final).

At first glance I would have said that it was a funeral invitation based on the original 4 card’s position-and by that I mean, death announcement in the newspaper or some form of publication. There is only 1 face card (not all Lenormand types of decks have the playing cards in the background) and it is a young fair haired man, under 35 years old. Usually a man is represented by the King if he is over 35 years old. At 35 the male has gone through his Saturn return, which occurs from 28-approx 33- a growing up time.

Either the news comes from such a male, or is about such a male as described or it happens to him.

For example, if the focus of the seeker of the cards is let’s say work/business. The cards would tell that person that they will lose their job through lay-off, forced retirement or get fired.

If the question involved is romance/love= expect it to be over with no chance of reconciliation.

If the question is health related- which you should really not attempt to offer any kind of advice unless you are medically qualified, it might point to surgical procedure. The scythe is a removal.

If the question in mind is about a change of residence the cards are not favorable at all.

If the question is about buying a house for example-the offer falls through, the financial backing isn’t there, the banks says no, someone else puts in higher offer, etc.

(When the scythe and coffin are reversed the meanings above would not be definite no, but probably a no)

No matter which way you look at these 4 cards they are harbinger of “bad” news.

2 thoughts on “Mlle Lenormand No. 194115

  1. Can you tell me where I can buy in Spain (Costa Blanca) a set of Mlle Lenormand N0. 194115 Cards with booklet in GERMAN language.
    Very much appreciate your reply.
    I would like to give this as apresent to a girlfriends who loves my cards from this deck.
    Thank you so very much.

  2. Hi Margriet,
    Thanks for your comment. Have you tried looking on Ebay or German Ebay? Often this deck is sold there for under $10. The booklet is usually in 3-4 languages and German is one of them. Best of luck finding them. Madame Seaqueen

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