#23 Mouse- 7 of clubs 

The Mouse card is usually considered a negative map. It shows a reduction, decrease or loss.Loss comes in many ways through deceit, theft, neglect and depreciation. The card hints at a slow process. Filthy, unsanitary, disorders, swindles, bribes, displeasure,anguish, erosion, eating away at. Below are a few combination meanings.

1.rider=news comes that will contain loss, don’t expect the visitors to show up

2.clover=loss of opportunity, short-term decrease, think twice

3.ship=travel that just wasn’t worth it, losing an item during travels in real estate, problems with sewers, King of hearts(family member) holding something in and not sharing it

5.tree=health matters pertaining to hygiene, removal of a dead tree, impotence, lack of energy

6.clouds=King of clubs (older dark-haired man) is the cause of the decrease, passing ebbs (annoyances)

7.snake=Queen of clubs (a female relative) has sexual issues, beware of liar

8.coffin=even though it is a very slow process-you might as well stop putting more energy into it

9.bouquet=exploitation, Queen of spades backs away from an invitation, bribes

10.scythe=forced into a slower pace, cut your losses, the other guy wins

11.whip=discussions lead to nowhere, theft involving a young man

12.birds=short lived excitement, bad-mouthing, character assassination, older person’s health gradually gets worse

13.child=a kid leaves, many mouths to feed, consequences, troubled child is out to get something you have, possible damages to property, hard drive crash

15.bear=no support system, ailing parent, loss of strength

16.stars= loss of vision, wishes take a very long time to be fulfilled, something lacking

17.stork=possible miscarriage, hysterectomy, sudden change of residence, look both ways loss of friendship, tarnished trust, sick friend

19.tower=break up, separation, moving to another building, deception, mental illness

20.park=slander, loss of reputation, cancellation of public meeting, lie low for a while

21.mountain=obstacles in work/relationships, reduction in challenges

22.path=too many irons in the pot, lack of focus, fear based decision, decision from desperation

24.heart=lost love, lover returns if mouse is on right side, torn between 2 lovers, young man who is being used and manipulated

25.ring=loss of contract, transactions that are not honest, the relationship will slowly fade away truth comes out, scam is revealed, read the fine print

27.letter=discovering the decrease and why, lost message, don’t expect an answer

28.gentleman=useless male, depressed man, get over it

29.lady=grief stricken woman, possible widow, don’t count on her

30.lily=lack of intimacy, not comfortable with sexuality, King of spades-older man who has lost his drive

31.sun=erosion of energy, Auric field is contaminated, trip to an under developed land

32.moon=holding on to the past, disoriented female, emotional swings, critical mother

33.key=eventual solution to a problem, finding out who did it, check the foundation of resources, dwindling bank account, gambling loss

35.anchor=lay off, out of work, downsizing, for sure but not now

36.cross=financial problems, agitation, Karmic pay back time

protected by Copy & Paste Karma, original content. August 26, 2006

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