Mars & sex & humor

In sexual matters Mars (planet of action) will indicate the manner or style in which it is experienced.

Mars in Aries- this person will initiate the dance of sex and goes after what turns them on. They like the chase, and sometimes lose interest fast.

Mars in Taurus- this lover will be determined to win you. By taking their time they usually succeed. Doesn’t give up that easily.

Mars in Gemini- needs to be on the move all the time. Lots of communication with this lover and it is your mind they want first, then your body.

Mars in Cancer- sex drive in this person will be like a pendulum. Deeply passionate when in the mood, prone to sympathy sex.

Mars in Leo- this lover will stop at nothing to dramatize their desires and show you how great they are. When they make love to you they are really making love to themselves.

Mars in Virgo- a tad reserved this little shy lover. Lovemaking is more a duty -loosen up, you don’t know what fireworks you are missing.

Mars in Libra- the energy of this lover is thought out prior to committing to the act. They want to-and then they don’t.

Mars in Scorpio- this person will be a “hot”. Very demanding and open to just about anything. Thinking about sex most of the time.

Mars in Sagittarius- this lover is intense, but if they had a choice between a great adventure and making love-they will probably call a travel agent.

Mars in Capricorn- this person is in such control that it would take a few days to really loosen them up. If there isn’t anything more that they can get besides sex-they won’t.

Mars in Aquarius- pass the potatoes please…should tell you how this lover is, or where’s the remote.

Mars in Pisces- don’t give this one any resistance or they will turn off- and shut down completely. This lover must be emotionally involved.

For fun and a few laughs.

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