#36 Cross

#36 CrossReading the Lenormand oracle type cards can be exasperating when you are just learning them.You can design your own layout at the beginning-you don’t have to use all 36 cards. You could lay the cards in a circle/wheel. The 12 segments of life, each segment does rule many topics within a topic-so to keep it simple I will use one phrase to describe the Houses.1.Conscious you – 7.Your partner2.Your money – 8.Other people’s money3.Communication – 9.Travel4.Home – 10.Career5.Luck – 11.Friendships6.Work – 12.Limitationscross36.jpgSimple phrases…House 1-you project yourself to the world as someone that has had much pain and suffering.House 2-you are struggling to make ends meet. Money is tight.House 3- Most forms of communication have a tinge of melancholy.House 4- Sadness comes into your home.House 5- fate takes a hand in games of chance.House 6- you have to work harder for the same pay.House 7- you enter a Karmic relationshipHouse 8- you experience sexual problems.House 9- Long distance travel not by choice.House 10- closure in career direction-House 11- you meet a friend and have a feeling of deja vu.House 12- you are connected with a church.There certainly is more information and each house has rulership over many more areas than I mentioned. Those of you that are Astrologically inclined will be able to derive other meanings.If you take each of the 36 cards-and know a couple of keywords you will be able to come up with short little phrases for each of the Houses. Try it, you might surprise yourself.

5 thoughts on “#36 Cross

  1. Hello again,
    great, will give this a try.
    tried the 5 card love spread with the tarot major arcana the other day.

    It’s interesting reading your travel posts also. Was in Caledon + a few other places last year and it’s interesting to look up and see mountains around you.

  2. Hi Kitty,
    Thank you for your comments, they are precious.
    Once I get re-settled back home, the Lenormand (simple version) will be posted as well the rest of adventures here on the West coast of Canada. Time to start packing (sigh).

  3. hi,i have normande.as a reading for a pal who as not been well recently,i cannot seem to fit it together.xx

  4. Hello Susan,
    Thanks for your feedback. Card readings should never be a substitute for professional medical advice.

    I do have a few questions for you first. Are the 8 cards in a straight row? Are they part of the full board using all 36 cards? If so-where is the Gentleman card in relation to the 8 cards you have mentioned?

    What I can do is post my suggested interpretation of those cards once I get an answer from you.
    Madame Seaqueen

  5. Dear Madame SQ,
    I loved the wheel layout and have tried it for the 1st time and those were the results of my layout for myself: 17, 4, 1, 15, 35, 11, 27, 18, 23, 24, 16, 30

    I was wondering how would you read this layout?

    looking forward for your answer!

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