Tarot for today

I use only the Majors (22) of the Tarot to ask for a card revealing to me the principles and lessons that I need to look at today.

The card I selected is the High Priestess, Key 2.


This card comes up a lot lately.  The impression I get from the High Priestess card is reflection (which is in keeping with my somewhat passive mood today).  This card tells me that as the day unfolds much will be revealed to me perhaps in a way I don’t anticipate.  “She” is the keeper of the hidden, the sub-conscious, and memory.

“She” is telling me that there is something I need to discover through exploration or a thinking through process.  Being passive for too long contributes to laziness and lack of desire to do to anything.  Answers are within also- I seem to be searching for something on a much deeper level….in me…and not outside of me.

I have a list of 1/2 dozen things to do.  I would feel satisfaction in doing all of the “to do” things but I am yearning or hungaring (if there is such a word) something else.  You know when you have one of those days were external gratification just doesn’t quite cut it.

The book the High Priestess has in her lap represents the subconscious where all memory is registered.  Many scientist believe that memory is registered in the physical  brain  (except Dr. Bruce Lipton-Prophets Conference and Re-thinkers like him).  Memory is in the mind- and the mind is outside of our physical body.  Memory is in the subconscious.   Hmmm, so what is it that I have forgotten or need to remember?

I am in the physical world, I need to be rooted in the physical world, being in a meditative/passive mood is not being rooted in the physical. However, even though I see the physical world- I only see what it seems to be to me, which is different from how you see it.

Maybe, I am working through the principle of the High Priestess by just reaching into my own book on my lap- and revealing part of my own subconscious pattern-investigation?

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