The journey card

The Zigeuner-Wahrsagekarten (gipsy true legend maps) journey card has much detail within the image. (Ciganske karte)


Journey, voyage, putovanje, reise, viaggio, utazas
Looking at the deck one as a feeling of speed (dust clouds of the wheels) – the driver isn’t really paying attention to the road. The lady in the carriage seems to be alarmed. It looks like the 2 horses have blinders on –
There is town in the background, however there are no roads leading to the town from where the horse-driven carriage is or so it seems. They are heading in another direction. What’s the hurry?Whenever this card comes up in a reading and it always comes up if you do the map of 36 cards. Pay attention to the card before, above, beneath and after it. There will be a “hint” as to the reason of this “quick delivery”.

When this card is beside the “Lover” or “Sweetheart” card – there could be distance involved, away on a trip, or a plan to travel.

Something is on its way………

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