Thomas Morrell

I had the pleasure of corresponding with Thomas Morrell about 5 or so years ago, when I ordered his Master Book of Prediction -2 book series off his website and to my knowledge that is the only place you can purchase them.
Purchase the set —> HERE. I had been studying his system of divination for many years, and accurately predicted the demise of someone special within the timeframe of the card in the Saturn period (52 days).
Before I continue I should explain that….in this particular divination science 3 systems are used. Astrology, numerology and meanings of the deck of 52 playing cards. If you want to know more detail, click on Mystical Quadrate link– I will write more on this system with examples once I get back home, as I do not have my reference books here. I need these to look up which card in the deck of 52 belongs to the person I am talking about and to find out which planetary period of 52 days they are in currently.

I have tested this system on several people and found the accuracy uncanny-My preoccupation with different systems of card divination has filled a whole pile of journals which can fill a binder 10 feet high- I prefer handwritten even though most of the info is stored on CD.

Thomas Morrell’s The Master Book of Prediction 1 & 2 and the Planetary Progressions in the Mystic Quadrates is the who, when and why of the card system.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Morrell

  1. Thomas is an authority on this card system – he has gone further than anyone else with this system and understands the underlying numerological aspects more clearly than anyone else. He never ceases to amaze me with his accuracy.

  2. Thomas Morrell is my cousin and he is the one and only master. I had not a clue or understanding of how easily life could be predicted until he gave his books and taught me how to use them. Comedian Tony Morrell

  3. Hello Tony,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes Thomas is fantastic and I have followed his teachings nearly a decade. Do you have a website where you share some of your readings?
    Jozefa Seaqueen.

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