A hunch +Mouse & Scythe

“P.S. Sometimes the cards give us a “direct” message that has not to do with our question.
If I were to look at these cards in an objective manner – there is an indication of a surprise/sudden/unexpected loss…..the mouse & scythe cards are a nasty duo- because the ring card is involved there could be a friendship or relationship involved- I can’t quite put my finger on what I am sensing which has nothing to do with my emotional/mental state- or does it. Maybe the unsettled feeling I woke up with is exactly what I am sensing (still) call it a hunch……or call me crazy (but please don’t do that, ha-ha). I’m sure many of you have experienced what I am experiencing.”

Even though I had designated 3 positions to mean certain things and went ahead and interpreted the cards accordingly, as you can see by my quoted paragraph above- something didn’t sit right ………………

The very next day after that post, I went and picked up some groceries at the market for a planned meal of beer basted sirloin pork chops etc- had the urge to do some creative cooking. The clerk was overly nice, commenting on that belly dance handbag….which directed my attention to the handbag…in the process I did not put my debit card back into my wallet (and I am anal about that, lol). Shortly after that I noticed it was missing- this alarmed me, as I re-traced the last time I used it. I called the store and no one returned it -and the acting manager said it was that girls last day (her clerk# was on my receipt)……..

The reason I am addressing this incident is because of the mouse&scythe card. In hindsight- which is where you will get most of your “meanings” from -provided you keep a journal of discoveries -I was forewarned of the loss (mouse), sudden and unexpected (scythe). The part of the relationship (ring) is something I value- my relationship with “this” plastic card, especially while vacationing. Interesting if I do say so myself.

Now- when I see mouse & scythe in the future I will factor in that possibly a theft or loss will occur. For me, it is an inconvenience because I will have to have it replaced asap -as the banks are not open for business in this city on Saturdays. Madame Lenormand’s meanings do not incorporate modern days events- however- what was valuable in her day- is different what is valuable these days- but still is valuable (Taurus[ring], house 2[mouse]and the “expect the unexpected” Uranus[scythe] depicted on the Mystical Lenormand deck).

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