#32 Moon


AGM AGMuller Urania, Painted by Urban Trosch.
Mystical Lenormand
I like this card of the Moon. In the upper right hand corner is the Astrological glyph for Cancer which is appropriate as the moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer, zodiac house #4.
Looks like the sheep herder is tired while sitting on the hollow log. Could the dog be trying to wake him up? The crescent moon hanging brightly in the background appears to have feminine features. It is never clearly understood what the artist is portraying- is it just a nice picture with no symbolic significance or is this card and all other cards full of subtle symbolism (as in the Tarot & Qabalah ?yes I know-how do you spell it correctly)

Under the moonlight, things are not what they seem, there are shadows. Are you looking at your situation clearly? Are you using your intuition? Time to wake up! BLUE- aura around the moon. The color blue is associated with water and water is associated with the subconscious as in the High Priestess of the Tarot-her gown turns into water -adding intuition.

The Moon represents the night, it is cooler at night too. In time questions, the answer comes at night or the night is involved. If it is a work question, maybe shifts are added like midnights or working well into the morning.
In a love question, maybe you do not see the “light” of the problem, which is the answer.

The stork&moon= travel at night
The mouse&moon=theft at night
The lady&moon=a psychic
The gentleman&moon= a mother
The key&moon= the solution comes to you through intuitive flash
The coffin&moon=end of illusion or dream
The path&moon= instinctual decision not based on logic

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