Where, Why & What

Using the Mystical Lenormand, I chose 3 cards to provide me with some insight to this unsettled feeling I woke up with.
* A simple 3 card layout*
card 1-where am I today, as in my emotional or mental state
card 2- Why I am experiencing card 1-this emotional or mental state
card 3- What to do about card 1- actions I can take to support/modify the emotional or mental state depicted by #1


I must say that at first glance the message of the cards was obvious. In quite simple terms, #23 the mouse, card 1 says something is eating away at my emotional or mental state.
Card 2 says why. One of the meanings of #25 the ring is cycle
Card 3 tells me what to do about the significance of the mouse card-eating away/eroding. No kidding, the answer is obvious, #10 the scythe- “lose” or “cut” the the process of deterioration of the emotional or mental state.

Card1-losses on emotional/mental state
Card2- of continuity
Card3-require removal

Am I thinking negative? Good grief, I hope not haha- after all the information I got at the Prophets conference this weekend. As all of you out there- I continue to re-evalute the “old tapes” deep in my sub-conscious.

Perhaps -feeling of not belonging (ring) Take a good look at the ring card, there is a mirror in the background reflecting back the image of the bird, part of a ring and outside of the window that you are looking in. Wouldn’t you say that the message of the card is also “Why” is perception/depends how you look at it(mirror).
On the mouse card (Where) there is a lantern that focuses light on the mice eating the big piece of cheese. Could it be, there is too much dwelling on “eating” or only one area (don’t forget other Lenormand cards have a slightly different variation of the mouse card) BUT I chose this deck and I have to use the images of the cards to interpret…..
A sharp (scythe) change in attitude is the WHAT to do about……Notice the huge pile of hay on the cart- time to process/work/go to town on something, so to speak

In the upper right hand corner of the mouse card is the glyph for HOUSE II (2) which rules assets, things one values, money. In the upper right hand corner of the ring card is the glyph for Taurus which is the ruler of HOUSE II (2). In the upper right hand corner of the scythe card is the glyph for Uranus as explained in another post and the Jack of Diamonds (fair haired young man). This particular paragraph confirms the previous explanation -just in a different way.

I like to “listen” to .. the many facets of the cards -and your cards will “speak” to you…if you listen to them.

P.S. Sometimes the cards give us a “direct” message that has not to do with our question.
If I were to look at these cards in an objective manner – there is an indication of a surprise/sudden/unexpected loss…..the mouse & scythe cards are a nasty duo- because the ring card is involved there could be a friendship or relationship involved- I can’t quite put my finger on what I am sensing which has nothing to do with my emotional/mental state- or does it. Maybe the unsettled feeling I woke up with is exactly what I am sensing (still) call it a hunch……or call me crazy (but please don’t do that, ha-ha). I’m sure many of you have experienced what I am experiencing.

P.SS- I will draw one Tarot card, using only the Majors for clarification –
A few keywords for the Hanged Man -change your perspective, and how you look at things. Things are not always as them seem. Use your head. Abandoning. Suspend your attitude or activity-
Wait and see what happens.
Getting back to the three cards of the Mystical Lenormand-especially the scythe card…do you see the connection with the Hanged Man’s meanings………change the perception (emotional/mental state).

4 thoughts on “Where, Why & What

  1. Hi madame Seaqueen!
    I love this site, and I Put an explanation on my blog about your Trigger another day, because people that loves catomancy want to Know about this.
    The translator sometimes are no so good and people write to me asking for information!
    I want to Know ( a bit later, sorry) if Could I use this simple spreads and other here, giving your credits of course.
    Thank you a lot!

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