8 of swords

Robin Wood’s 8 of Swords has a piercing message. It was the outcome card to a question I had, using the Celtic cross layout.
It is a card that I do not enjoy seeing because it tells me that I am imposing limitations on myself through my own belief systems. Actually, I was thinking about a romantic question. It reminded me of the previous reading I did using only the Majors- the focus of those 5 cards was “attitude”.

Swords belong to the “air” signs, which are thought processes. The #8 is a stable number in itself, sometimes stability is also a “rut” and inability to move ahead. Even though in the Robin Wood deck, the woman is tied up with a red piece of material her feet as in a lot of other decks are free to move. What does this mean?
It means movement is possible through certain thought processes- the red color of the material implies accessibility to action.

Another way to look at this card is – the thoughts are grounded in water-the subconscious- and that can be changed because your feet are still on the ground. In my case, it would tell me to get out of my own way.

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