Love Layout

A simple layout for all those love/relationship questions, using only the Major Arcana.

Position 1 -your attitude
Position 2- your present situation
Position 3- your immediate situation- 1 month
Position 4- your near future situation- 3months
Position 5- the outcome

Card 1- The HIEROPHANT speaks to me by saying that my attitude is too rigid in the Love department. It tells me that I place certain conditions and belief systems on myself- about “romantic” relationships..

Card 2- The Empress in the present situation indicates that I am experiencing emotional abundance and loving feelings in general (as there is no significant other). What this tells me is that I am in a situation to receive and give but my attitude of caution surrounds me.

Card 3- The immediate situation, within 1 month’s time point to principle of #14 Temperance. I see this card time and time again whenever I ask about romantic/love relationships. Temperance is a card of balance, and the message contained in it tells me that perhaps my attitude (card #1-Hierophant) is off balance. I am leaning towards what I should be doing versus what my heart and emotions want me to do- to receive and give (card #2-Empress). Readjustments coming up.

Card #4- The near future love situation is represented by the High Priestess. During the next 3 months the inner working principles of that card will manifest – the book of knowledge in her lap will reveal to me how I will balance out (temperance) my attitude (hierophant). Also, the further development of my intuitive clarity blending the teachings of the Empress and Hierophant – blending is the key word. How is all that connected to love/romantic relationships? Having foresight.

Card #5- Lovely. The death card as the outcome is a welcome card and a card that tells me “something will end” in order for something to be born-A turning point will come. Looking back at card #1, I got the sense that I may want to be in a romantic situation just for the sake of belonging -that is not the right reason. Sorry the Hierophant made me say it -haha (Right -Wrong, moral teachings of that card, too).
A somewhat predicted change is inevitable. I already know that- These 5 cards mirrored my thoughts. I get the gut feeling that in order to embrace (Empress) a romantic/love relationship I will need to re-write “old tapes” and the High Priestess indicates that I will -and have the ability to- by going within.
The Death card – death of an attitude, a new way of looking at love and romance.

A funny thing occurred to me, when I was shuffling the Majors, I was thinking about whether or not I will meet someone new-that was more in keeping with the “frequency” of my process of development – and I keep looking at the Hierophant card. There is something about that card that tells me, it is more than attitude & moral issues- it can very well be a person, a “teacher” or some belief system, someone experienced, and an authority in his own frequency of development.

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