I woke up bright and early as I have been doing the past week, my body is in another time zone-still-haha.

I decided to ask the Tarot for guidance today.
I will use 3 cards and will designate the meanings of these cards prior to the selection. You can do this at any time if you aren’t satisfied with other layouts. It is custom designed by you -for you.

I separated the Majors(22) from the Minors(40) and the Courts(16) and put them in different piles.

The first card I will choose will tell me which principle or lesson of the Major Arcana I should address. I shuffled this deck and chose the card and placed it on top.
The second card I will choose will tell me in which “world” of the Minors, cards Ace through 10-that I will carry out the principles of the Major selected, thereby showing me a blockage or bridge and place it beneath card#1
The third card I will choose will tell me in which “hat” of the Minors, the Courts -that I will need to wear to fulfill the experience of the Major and the processing of card#2, and place it beside card#2

#1- Judgement Key20
#2- 6 of swords #3- Knight of Pentacles

LESSON #1- The principles of Key 20 talk about letting a higher power guide me today. In most decks, there is a woman, child(re-birthing) and man emerging from a coffin.

ADJUSTMENT #2- The world of intellect depicted by the swords (6 of swords) is the arena for experiencing the message of the Judgement card.

MY HAT #3- Which “hat” of the Courts am I to wear to learn the principle of the Judgment card. The knight is a card representing movement in the tangible world.

Looking further at the layout the Judgement card is kind of an outcome card, the 6 of swords is the transmutation of the intellectual world and the knight of Pentacles is an aspect of my personality.

My mode of interpretation is through Clairaudience -I hear the cards. I hear that I am blocking myself (armor on the knight) by being deliberate in assessing value of the pentacle(perhaps cost/money) I hold in my palm. Around me is much cultivation, richness and the opportunity for more growth. The only way to access any of this -is by removing (6 of swords) the previous “ego” of excuses which created the rough waters in the card. In order to get to the calmer waters that I can head into I must set aside my intellectualization process-the analytical part, and move ahead to the bridge which is not depicted in the 6 of swords but can be represented by the shadow(some decks like Robin Wood). Allowing the higher self(shadow-not in a negative sense) to guide the boat towards the principles of the Judgement card-rebirth.

I am looking at 2 Judgement cards, which I sometimes use because certain cards affect me more, I have the Dr.Paul Case’s B.O.T.A. card and Robin Wood’s card. Both of these cards speak of the same principle but are shown through the artist’s eyes. There is definitely a feeling of coming out of the stagnation of the coffin, being called upon by my own guardian angel that is connected to the guardian angels of all those that will cross my path today. Could it be that the angel is the same angel for all of us?

In order for me to reap the benefits of all that crosses my path, I must first set my “ego” aside, in other words-get un-stuck. This has prevented me in the past from experiencing abundance and wealth is about nurturing one’s soul as well. The Judgement card reminds me about re-connections to an aspects of myself. The childlike state- the part of me that looks at the Universe in wonder- one must never lose the desire to know.

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