Looking back-the scythe

Yesterday I drew THE STAR#16 and THE SCYTHE #10 as the 2-card draw.

I wondered about the scythe card.

The energy of both the cards was experienced as stated in yesterday’s post to some degree.
One thing I forgot to mention (blame it on the mountain air) is that the scythe card is also represented by the Jack of diamonds – a fair haired young man.

It all makes sense now. The young man that came into the picture last night was fair haired. He was a guest. So you see, the multi-level meanings should always be factored.

In the Mystical Lenormand deck which I used there is no Jack of Diamonds featured anywhere on the card. Perhaps this threw me off a bit but if you look real close you will see a man standing on the path up the hill. 😉

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