2-card Tarot draw

I decided to select 2 Tarot cards instead of the Lenormand style oracle cards.
The first card drawn will reflect my aura of circumstance.
The second card drawn will either enhance or block the first card.

OK here it goes…..as I listen to Anugama-Shamanic Dream II, track 2 which is my favorite, in the background he is chanting “om” and “letting go”. Listen to this CD to feel penetration of your body in a chilling way.

#1- 4 of pentacles
#2- Queen of Pentacles

Looking at the 4 of pentacles in the Robin Wood deck which I used for the purpose of today’s 2-card draw- I could identify with the man in the picture. He is surrounded by a castle wall and not only that the head, heart and feet chakras are covered with pentacles. Is this what I am doing today? Yes, I am into myself today- a conservation of energies. Physically I came close to exhaustion yesterday, fighting the off-balance in my body. I find that so far today, I am very focused on my thoughts, things dear to me and my mobility-which is not too far yet.
Remember that the #4 speaks of solid, stable, secure, symbolically speaking.

The queen of pentacles-Not my card but an aspect of me as all kings and queens can be.
She is the type of queen that puts her energy into creating for the purpose of seeing tangible results. Even though pentacles represent the world of tangible- “multiplication” is suggested by the 2 bunnies in the bottom right hand corner. To multiple takes effort. Putting effort into removing the pentacles from the crown, heart and feet chakras-perhaps.

It is never healthy to block the flow, by covering that part which you want to flow. I get the feeling of selfishness and stinginess from the 4 of pentacles-all of a sudden. Am I being self-centered and selfish so far today? by doing what I want to do-instead of what I should be doing…which is sightseeing. Well, to me- this pulling in of my energy through my own efforts-is what I need.

The queen can represent another female that may still come into the picture before this day is over…don’t know yet. Could it be that I will be meeting or talking to another woman that is herself closed off or for that matter has a richness within her?

The whole point of meditating on any cards, is to listen to you inner voice when it asks you questions….self analysis = self awareness.

I get the sense of contentment as I look at the queen of pentacles. I notice a tiny snake on the branch below her gown, wisdom & intuition. The fruit on the branches could send me the message that I need to increase my fruit intake -to build up my vitamin C in my body to strengthen it. The coughing has knocked the wind out of me.

Of course, you may not identify with the things that I do in the card, but that is what stands out for me and that is what it is all about- what you or I see.

The brown apron reminds that work needs to be done to produce the pentacle in her lap. The crown on her head tells me she is in control of her domain and that despite the signs of abundance around her, a grounding feeling. That’s it – grounding is the key -grounding within myself.

Looking back at the man in the 4 of pentacles, the walls that surround him are grey- not very lively color, less richness and production around him. He is “too tight” , “too much in control” of the chakras involved. The flow doesn’t spill out around him – time to add the intuition of the queen (snake) to expand and share.

When the late evening comes to pass -the cards will be more meaningful. This is how you learn to get to know your cards, through time and experience. And even though I have seen these cards hundreds of other times, each time something new is learned even though it might be only a wee difference, it is still a difference.

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