2-card draw

Using the Mystical Lenormand which by the way you can purchase from Willow Tree Tarot, I did a 2-card draw, somewhat like the first 2 cards in the Tarot celtic cross.
Card 1- is the energy around me today, my frame of mind
Card 2- is the energy that either opposes or supports me today or my frame of mind, or external influences.

Card 1- #16 THE STAR- card of wishes, intuition, disconnection in a way-not being grounded, looking through the window at the wonders of the Universe, perhaps using Astrological aspects to plan accordingly, visions.
Card 2- #10 THE SCYTHE-a sudden severance, getting down to the nitty-gritty, eliminating what blocks me, doing what is necessary to achieve the essence of THE STAR card and to use it in a positive way, work that needs to be done, decision-to put into action.

Interesting eh!

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