Rider, Park, Ring, Lily

Lenormand Oracle Cards ( Oraculo Lenormand), a reproduction of the 1890’s deck used by Madame Lenormand, or so the story is told. Instructional booklet by Gina di Roberto

The invitation comes (rider) regarding a celebration (park), with the ring -a wedding, that is in the family (lily).
Now if you look from another perspective (which I always do before I speak what the cards indicate) the lily is the King of spades (if you have the deck with the playing cards in the background) and an older man.

The rider+park= invitation to a party,
– meeting a young sports minded man at a gathering,
-public announcement
-beauty contest

The park+ring=wedding
-speaking engagement
-community event
-public function

The ring+lily=married member of family
-older business partner if anchor or fox is close by
-sexual commitment

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